Residential Lighting Tips

Residential Lighting Tips

Making your exterior home lighting Dark Sky and Neighbor Friendly isn’t rocket science, but it takes a little thought. Click on the links below for simple one-page guides that make it easy! Also look at our Dark Sky Residential Lighting Products page.

Fixtures   Lamps


Floodlights — Aim them downward as much as possible. Motion sensors should only “see” areas near your house and not turn on for branches blowing or pedestrians walking by in the street.

Walkway Lights — Replace fixtures with fully shielded styles… Since there is less glare you will be able to see much better even with less light!

Porch / Garage Lights — What’s that glaring “carriage” light doing on your house? Are you planning to drive it down the street?

Bulb Types — Choose from 8 Incandescent (including Halogen) and 4 Compact Fluorescent (CFL) lamp types.

And remember – for all lights, consider yellow sources (“bug” lights or similar) to minimize glare, trespass, sky glow, ecological disturbance and human circadian disruption.

Unshielded porch lights Shielded porch lights

On the left: Unshielded porch lights shine in your eyes (and across the street) and reduce visibility. On the right: Shielded fixtures reduce glare and make it easier to see.

Finding fully shielded outdoor house lighting fixtures is simple.

Look at our Dark Sky Residential Lighting Products page for locally (Flagstaff) and on-line available shielded residential lighting fixtures. Do right by the night!

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To celebrate, promote, and protect the glorious dark skies of Flagstaff and northern Arizona.