Measuring and Modeling Sky Glow Light Pollution

Duriscoe_Luginbuhl_2013_Fig5The relation of outdoor lighting characteristics to sky glow from distant cities, D.M. Duriscoe, C.B. Luginbuhl, and C.D. Elvidge, Lighting Research & Technology, 46: 35, 2014


Five cities in the southwest United States were selected for an analysis of the impact of outdoor lighting practices on nighttime sky glow as observed from distances of 8–67 km. Data from the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (NPP) satellite visible infrared imaging radiometer suite day/night band were used to identify light sources for input to an atmospheric sky glow model. Total lumens of outdoor lighting were estimated by …


spectrum 2Light Pollution in Ultraviolet and Visible Spectrum: Effect on Different Visual Perceptions H.A. Solano Lamphar, M. Kocifaj, PLoS-One, 8(2): e56563, February, 2013


In general terms, lighting research has been focused in the development of artificial light with the purpose of saving energy and having more durable lamps. However, the consequences that artificial night lighting could bring to the human being and living organisms have become an important issue recently. Light pollution represents a significant problem to both the environment and human health causing a disruption of biological rhythms …


cool whiteVisibility, Environmental, and Astronomical Issues Associated with Blue-Rich White Outdoor Lighting International Dark-Sky Association, May, 2010


Outdoor lighting is undergoing a substantial change toward increased use of white lighting sources, accelerated most recently by developments in solid-state lighting. Though the perceived advantages of this shift (better color rendition, increased “visual effectiveness” and efficiency, decreased overall costs, better market acceptance) are commonly touted, there has been little discussion of documented or potential environmental impacts arising from the change in spectral energy distribution of such light sources as compared to the high-pressure sodium technology currently used for most area lighting. This paper summarizes atmospheric, visual, health, and environmental research into spectral effects of lighting at night. The physics …


uplight sky glowLighting and Astronomy C.B. Luginbuhl, C.E. Walker, R.M. Wainscoat, Physics Today, December, 2009


The rapid growth of light pollution threatens the future of astronomical observation. Detailed modeling of how light from the ground propagates through the atmosphere suggests ways to limit the damage. the Ground Up I: Light Pollution Sources in Flagstaff, Arizona C.B. Luginbuhl et al., Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 121:185, 2009


We develop an estimate of the complete outdoor lighting of Flagstaff Arizona, as well as lighting use densities (lumens per acre) for a number of different land uses. We find a total outdoor light output of 173 million lumens (Mlm) including sports lighting, and 139 Mlm without sports lighting, with an uncertainty of about 7%. The average fraction escaping directly upward…

To celebrate, promote, and protect the glorious dark skies of Flagstaff and northern Arizona.