Dark Sky Residential Lighting Products

First-Dark-Sky-City (FDSC) Recommendations for residential lighting

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These are some specific fixtures you can buy to make your home lighting night-friendly – for the guiding principles for choosing such fixtures see our Residential Lighting Tips page.

The Lite Company

The premier source in Flagstaff for dark sky products. They have many fixtures which you can review on their website here.

Sage Ridge Outdoor Medium Bay Crest Dark Sky Wall Mount One Light Outdoor Wall Light b9882sbz ds*

Home Depot

Home Depot carries several dark-sky products suitable for porchlights and similar application – we show only a selection here. On the website there are many suitable fixtures: in the stores we have seen the first three.

HD-HB1HD-HB2Hampton Bay model HBWI9002S86HD-WI1
Hampton Bay Model # HBWI9003S86
Essen Antique Copper Outdoor Wall Lantern
Hampton Bay Model # HB48017MP-237
180-Degree Oil Rubbed Bronze Motion-Sensing Outdoor Wall Lantern
Hampton Bay Model # HBWI9002S86
Essen Antique Copper Outdoor Wall Lantern
World Imports
Model # WI9121L89
Dark Sky Magazine Street Outdoor 1-Light Wall Lantern
Home Decorators Collection
Model # HRR1691L
Outdoor Oil-Rubbed Bronze LED Lake Worth Wall Lantern
*Hampton Bay
Model # 23091
Coleville 1-Light Glendale Bronze Outdoor Wall Lantern
Model # 6482900
1-Light Textured Black Steel Outdoor Wall Lantern with Dusk to Dawn Sensor and Honey Art Glass Panels
*Filament Design
Model # CLI-EDG808362
Romeo Bisque Dark Grey Ceramic Outdoor Wall Sconce

* These fixtures are not fully shielded, but can be quite acceptable (and in Flagstaff allowed by the lighting code) if glass panels are strongly colored (not clear!), or decorative perforations in the shield are small, and if lamps of 1000 lumens or less are used. For best “dark sky friendliness” fixtures with completely opaque sides,  open bottoms and downward-facing lamp sockets are best – using “R” or reflector lamps R20  that direct most light downward and out the open bottom of the fixture are the most energy efficient.


Many fixtures, including the same or similar to those shown above, can be found on amazon.com – search for “porch light dark sky.” Below is a selection of available products – click on an image to go to the Amazon product page. Amazon also carries amber LED bulbs.

HD-HB1Hampton Bay model HBWI9002S86HD-WI1


For best dark sky protection in any outdoor fixture use yellow lamps, such as  a yellow compact fluorescent CF-yellow or amber LED . Make sure the lamp is not so large that it protrudes below the shielding of the fixture. Use the lowest wattage that does the job.

Consumer PCA sample spectra

LOHAS PCA spectrum
LOHAS PCA S/P = 0.50
ONFORU PCA spectrum

Some amber LED are better than others. Products with a lower S/P ratio (see Lamp Spectrum and Light Pollution) have lower light pollution impacts. Products change quickly in the LED world, but we have found that the LOHAS lamp has a much better spectrum than other products.

Residential PC Amber Lamps

LampS/PFDSC Grade
LOHAS 6W E26 Amber Glow0.50 AA
Philips 8W model 9290012239 A19 E26 0.96B
Onforu 7W E26 A19 Part No. ON-GY02-YW-US-60.92B
Solray G7-SR120/9.5 A19 2400K0.81B


To celebrate, promote, and protect the glorious dark skies of Flagstaff and northern Arizona.