What Can You Do To Protect The Night Sky?

Start at home!

Make your lighting at home 100% Dark Sky and Neighbor Friendly (Residential Lighting Tips; Dark Sky Residential Lighting Products). Even though it may seem too little to make a difference, you might be surprised how much light pollution is produced by poorly shielded home lighting – and it “hits you where you live.” Recycling used to be considered a tremendous effort for people to embrace – and each person’s recyclables were such a small portion of what seemed an overwhelming problem. Now it’s just second nature to recycle, and together all the small efforts add up to a huge impact. If everyone fixed their lights at home it would greatly improve the quality of the night environment where we live.

Educate. Educate. Educate.

Read the information on the Dark Matters and Links pages to understand why night matters.

Talk to your your community leaders and neighbors about what they can do to improve outdoor lighting and protect the night.

Go to community meetings and encourage community leaders to adopt outdoor lighting codes that protect the night. Use the example ordinances on the Outdoor Lighting Codes page. (Note: You will have to go to many meetings, not just one, to educate community leaders on the economic, environmental, and community esthetic values of adopting a code.)

Show examples of what big name businesses are already doing to conform to the nearly 3 dozen lighting codes across the country similar to Flagstaff’s. These are pictures of actual businesses operating in Flagstaff and complying with the cutting edge Flagstaff lighting code.

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IMG_0705 - 1 IMG_0700 - 1 Lance pics 3 100,000 national franchise
Home Depot2 Kohl's


To celebrate, promote, and protect the glorious dark skies of Flagstaff and northern Arizona.