Dark Sky Moments

Radio spots to raise dark skies awareness

Promoting  Awareness, Appreciation and Awe

These FDSC PSAs or sponsored radio spots promote dark skies awareness and the Flagstaff Star Party. A few of these are specific to events during the time of broadcast (such as the October 2020 Mars opposition), but many could be used in the appropriate season of any year. If you’re interested in using this material we encourage you to contact us at info@flagstaffdarkskies.org.

TopicRelease dateTextMP3
Great Nebula2019 April
Arcturus2019 MayPDF
Deep Space2019 JunePDF
Jupiter2019 JulyPDF
200 Billion Stars2019 August
Summer Triangle2019 September
Star-filled Sky2019 October
Dark Clouds2020 SeptemberPDF
Mars2020 OctoberPDF
Andromeda Galaxy2020 November
Pleiades2020 December
Orion Supergiants2021 JanuaryPDF
Orion's Belt2021 February
Sirius2021 March
Polaris2021 April
Meteors2021 MayPDF

To celebrate, promote, and protect the glorious dark skies of Flagstaff and northern Arizona.