2020 Flagstaff Star Party and Celebration of the Night

Flagstaff Celebrates it’s Star-Filled Night Skies

The 2020 Flagstaff Star Party and Celebration of the Night brings six weeks of exciting and awe-inspiring events showcasing Flagstaff’s beautiful night skies!

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Protection of the night sky began in Flagstaff in 1958 – and Flagstaff continues to set the standard for effective night sky protection. A High Country News story by Peter Friederici – Stargazers defend darkness in Arizona – and David Portree’s award-winning story Flagstaff’s Battle for Dark Skies describe our special history and role in what is now an international dark-sky movement. This article is just one recent example showing what success looks like.

2020 Flagstaff Star Party and Celebration of the Night Events

Night Sky Photography Workshop
When: 15 Sept 5:30-8:30PM
Where: Moonshot at NACET
Join photojournalist Stan Honda. This extraordinary opportunity will allow participants to learn how to photograph the night sky with a master. Honda will conduct a three-part workshop introducing basic techniques to capture beautiful night sky photos with modern digital cameras. The three-hour session will include learning about your camera, a short slideshow of Honda’s work, and (weather permitting) a photo shoot in the beautiful night skies at Buffalo Park. Facemasks required. RESERVATION REQUIRED
Sunset Shadows and Circles
When: 17 Sept posting 5:00pm
Where: On-line
Have you ever watched the sunset in the east? Join Lowell Observatory's Brian Skiff as he takes you on insightful tour of the subtle transition from sunset into twilight at Flagstaff's Buffalo Park, including the Earth-shadow and Belt of Venus in the east, as well as layered pastel colors over the Sun in the west. Join Brian and watch shadows stretch to the eastern horizon!

LIVE telescope viewingWhen: 17 Sept 7:30 - 8:15 PM
live (weather permitting)
Where: On-line
Spend an hour at the telescope, with astronomer David Koerner and artist SD Nelson guiding you through beautiful and awe-inspiring views of the "flying duck" cluster, the Trifid and Eagle nebulae, and many other wonders of Flagstaff's beautiful night skies. Hosted in collaboration with Flagstaff Star Party partner Lowell Observatory, using their cutting-edge telescopes at the Giovale Open Deck Observatory just above downtown Flagstaff.

Night Skies through Artists' EyesWhen: Throughout September and October
Where: Throughout Flagstaff
Be sure to visit the NightVisions Satellite exhibits at participating shops in Flagstaff

Arizona Handmade - 13 N San Francisco St Flagstaff - Every day 10-5
The Artists Gallery - 17 N San Francisco St Flagstaff - Wed-Sun 11-4 Sat 10-6
Bright Side Bookshop - 18 N San Francisco St Flagstaff - Every day 10-6
Criollo Latin Kitchen - 16 N San Francisco St Flagstaff - Tue-Thu 4-9 Fri-Sat 4-10
Flagstaff Brewing Company in the coffee shop - 16 E Route 66 Flagstaff - Every day 8am - 3pm or by appointment call Ky Dio at (815)451-3857

Native Skies with Modern Eyes
When: 18 Sept posting 5:00pm
Where: On-line
Join David Koerner in an exploration of ways of seeing: "Sky watching is enriched by knowing the cultural perspectives of indigenous communities. Native relationships to Earth and Sky challenge western ideas of a "mechanical universe" in which humans struggle to control nature as a machine. Indigenous frameworks, instead, see a reciprocal relationship with a "living universe," one that is illustrated by sky stories like the Paiute explanation for the North Star. This outlook brings an added dimension to our view of the night sky and is pertinent in times of self-inflicted environmental crisis."

Images in the Sky: Navajo Constellations and their Meaning
When: 19 Sept posting 5:00pm
Where: On-line
Educator and archaeoastronomer Bryan Bates shares insights into Diné cultural astronomy: "Native people have consistently watched the movement of the Sun, Moon and Stars and tied the changing patterns to seasonal changes of weather, plant growth and animal behavior, aspects often anticipated and celebrated through ceremony. Because the Navajo wandered, they did not have a consistent horizon to use as a reference system for their observations. Thus, the Navajo watched the monthly migration of their constellations across the sky, with their elders often observing just before sunrise."

Night Walk When: 19 Sep
Weather permitting

Where: Buffalo Park
Join Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition leaders Lance Diskan and William Seven for a socially-distanced open air Dark Skies walk over flat terrain in one of Flagstaff’s best night-sky locales. Enjoy a free-ranging conversation on night-sky topics, as well as quiet time for personal interaction with the night-sky. Free “Flagstaff Star Party” souvenir night vision friendly flashlights will be provided. Wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing. Facemasks required. RESERVATION REQUIRED
Night MusicWhen: 27 Sept posting 5:00pm
Where: On-line
Dark Sky String Quartet, violinists Allison O’Bryant and David Koerner, violist Cindy Binkley, and cellist Mary Anne Bruner, will perform new arrangements of Sunset from Ferde Grofé‘s Grand Canyon Suite, Corral Nocturne and In Evening Air by Aaron Copland, closing with Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy. Audience members are invited to take their streaming device outside, sit back and watch the universe unfold to this celestial music.

Writers of the Night Skies
When: To be announced
Where: On-line HERE (If the link is not active please check back closer to the event date.)
Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition is thrilled to announce the the return of this exciting Literary Event! This event will be a reading and performance that features prose and poetry written by local writers, and visual artist Ondria Bartholomeo, paying tribute to Flagstaff’s lovely dark sky cityscape! The contributions have been chosen by a panel of three judges: Ky J. Dio (Juniper House Readings, author), Kevin Schindler (Lowell Observatory historian, author) and William Seven (FDSC, author). Please join us in celebrating our dark sky city and the inspiration of star filled skies through a riveting and exciting literary performance!




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To celebrate, promote, and protect the glorious dark skies of Flagstaff and northern Arizona.